Cosplay Beginnings

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Now that 2012 is ending, this would be a belated post. Since its also my first post on the site (yey!), it must be about how I began cosplaying.

It was last February 13, 2012, the eve of Valentine's day, (why is it sounding like a fairy tale story?), that I did my very first cosplay. It was a really shotgun cosplay. I had no time to make my clothes so I had to buy it from the CNPH - Cosplay Market. I also didn't have much budget so I couldn't afford to buy a wig. I used my own socks and shoes to recreate Mikan Sakura's boots. As for the hair? I put it up on pigtails adding the ribbons. Costume-wise, I wasn't really getting too much attention. It was a school uniform cosplay and compared to the other cosplayers around, mine was totally plain.

The competition started and I was really nervous. I practiced "Pika Pika no Taiyou" - the opening theme song of the anime Alice Academy - for the talent portion. When I went up the stage and soon got to the 2nd verse, the lyrics got messed up in my head! >.< In my head I was panicking and thinking that "Oh no..." I finished the song and at the end of the program - to my suprise - I won 2nd place!

*2nd Place; Photo by Franz Pantaleon

I thought that I did well for my first cosplay although I knew that I had to improve on my next one. :)


*The name written on the certificate is Kristabel Floresca. I have a really long name but I'm still wondering why they used Kristabel instead of Rhianna. To clear up the confusion, my name is Rhianna-Jan Kristabel Floresca.

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