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ANIMAX Ani-mate Search: Grand Photoshoot

10:08 PM

After the first Ani-Time shoot with all the 7 finalists, the next event in our itinerary was the grand photo shoot. A part of the shoot is that we will have a set of photos with our own costume and the other set would be with clothes from SugarFree and Blue. The costume that I wore for the cosplay set is…Card Captor Sakura!

Sakura Kinomoto is a character that has been a part of my childhood along with a few more characters (which I will be cosplaying in the future!). I watched Card Captor Sakura from beginning to end. It was an anime I really can't forget! And so, cosplaying her is a really an unforgettable and special experience for me.

Here are some photos from the shoot in my Card Captor Sakura Costume:

Photo by Teh Lazie Neko Photostream

Photo by Clintz Meji Photography
Photo by Sir Merphix from APC
You might notice that the wig seems to be a bit lighter than the standard color of Sakura's hair. I had some mishap with choosing the wig. >.<

But! Not to worry, I will be redoing this costume with a new wig. So stay tuned! :)

Oh yeah, if you're interested in creating your own Card Captor Sakura baton/sealing wand, you can check out my entry in the How-To label in this blog.

Next up is the set with clothes from SugarFree and Blue. SugarFree and Blue's line of clothes are inspired from anime and Harajuku fashion. SugarFree and Blue was the official clothing sponsor for the ANIMAX Ani-mate Search. They really have  fabulous clothes and I'm honored to have modeled one set for them.

Here's some of the photos for this set:
Photo by Sir RJ of APC
Photo by Sir Merphix of APC

Photo by Sir Merphix of APC

So there you have it! A recap of the Grand Photo shoot and some pictures. Hehe. Next is the 3rd and FINAL post. Of course, it would be the ANIMAX Carnival itself. :D



SugarFree and Blue

Sir Merphix of APC

Sir RJ of APC

Teh Lazie Neko Photostream

Clintz Meji Photography

More photos on my Facebook page:


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