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Wigs! Wigs! Wigs!

When I was preparing for my Ayuzawa Misaki Cosplay, I was really lucky to have stumbled upon a wig with a very good price at a local Department Store. It was a good find but I had a hard time styling it.

Photo by Victor Joseph Palileo

For my next cosplay, Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura, I bought a wig from a shop online.  It had a nice quality. It was heat resistant and I was able to style it easily.

UNSTYLED: Card Captor Sakura Wig (after taking this photo I played Borderlands 2, hehe)
Photo by Teh Lazie Neko Photostream

But it was always a dilemma whenever I have to get another wig for my next cosplay. Online shops offer wigs on a pre-order basis* and a few on hand wigs.
*Pre-Order Basis: You place in your order on/before the said deadline or cut-off. After the deadline/cut-off, you'd have to wait for about 2-3 weeks for your order to get to you.

I'm used to pre-orders and waiting for my items as I shop online very often. But for cosplay wigs, I prefer that I get the wigs as soon as possible. There are many shops offering pre-order deadlines which are usually at the end of the month so I try to check the wigs they have on hand. But there are only a few styles to choose from so I thought it was best to directly order from the supplier or the wig company.

I made this big leap in getting my wigs when I prepared for my Hikaru Shidou Costume which I cosplayed at the ANIMAX Carnival Philippines 2012.

Most of the wigs sold in online shops are from Taobao. Although there are other online shops that have their own cosplay wigs but because of the payment terms, I found buying from these shops easier.

Here's how I get my wigs from Taobao:
  1. Set-up your own Paypal account. Go to the Paypal website and follow the procedures. Since I frequently shop online, I've already set up mine long ago. :)

  2. Look up the popular wig brands thru Google. The popular brands are: Grand Young, Ywailisi, Fantasy Sheep, Lucaille and many more! TIP: I recommend that you use Google Chrome if you're gonna order from these shops because you need Google Translate. You will need the translation of the product names so that you know what anime character is the wig patterned from.
  3. Visit their site and check if they accept orders from international buyers. The shops that cater to international buyers that I have already made a few transactions with are: Grand Young and Ywailisi. Explore their shops and you will find their e-mail addresses for you to contact.

  4. After you have chosen a wig, take note of the link of the wig you want to ask about
  5. Open your email and compose a message to the sellerAsk about the price of the wig combined with the shipping fee to your country and their Paypal Account. Along with your email, insert the links of the wig you're going to buy so that they can give you the total. TIP: Keep you e-mail brief, concise, and formal. Don't forget to ask these details to ensure a smooth transaction. :)

  6. Wait for the seller to reply. Be patient! It usually takes a day or two before the seller replies to your email. If you receive a reply, its time to use your Paypal Account. Send the amount they have indicated to their Paypal Account.

  7. Reply to the seller that you have already sent your payment and include your shipping details: Name, Address, Postal Code, Country, Telephone Number, Mobile Number (Optional). After sending this, they will send you a tracking number of your order or if not, wait for at least 1-2 days and email the seller again for the tracking number of your order.

  8. Track your shipment and wait. Usually, every day that you check your shipment, you will see that its actually always "In Transit". That means its on its way to you! Just be patient. :)

There you have it! A few tips on getting your own cosplay wig. This post is basically how I get my wigs.Of course you can also try to contact sellers from Fantasy Sheep and Lucaille. I'm really happy when my package arrives. I do the styling on my own. :)

I'd love to hear stories of how you got your own wig from these shops! :)

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