UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ Concert VIP Pass Giveaway Winners

6:13 AM

I'll be updating this post every day that a winner will be chosen. Again, winners are randomly chosen and are contacted through email. Details on how they can claim their passes will be disclosed through email. Each winner is entitled to only 1 VIP Pass.

Here's the list of Winners:

February 17  - Rachel Anne Macarandang

February 18 - Jessa Gaite

February 19 - Daniella Mojica

February 20 - Marose (Mikan) Loperez and 松本愛 (Allison Rockster)

February 21 - Eemcee Pamilacan and Haru Kaze (Christine Ainah)

To the winners, congratulations! Don't forget to check your email if you see your name in the list! :D

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