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1:21 AM

Hello there! Thank you for reading my posts up until now. :)

If you've been following my Twitter account (which I'm somehow starting to use frequently) I mentioned that we have a taping for ANIMAX today (April 12). Yup! That's true and the pictures here are hot and fresh from our taping! :))

 Thanks to Dorotee Sweetlips for dressing us up!

My summer look:

Again, thanks to Dorotee Sweetlips for the lovely dresses and accessories that me and Alodia wore for our taping!

Also, big thanks to ToxicKitty for the lovely necklaces! If you'd notice the some of the pictures above, you'll see that me and Alodia are wearing necklaces from ToxicKitty.

If you're interested in ToxicKitty's designs, you can check out their page at:

I didn't include some outfits from our shoot, of course it should be a surprise~~~

Keep watching Ani-Time with Alodia, Monday to Friday at 7PM only on ANIMAX.

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