Card Captor Sakura!

10:00 AM

I had a Card Captor Sakura Shoot from March 22 to March 23 at Quezon Memorial Circle. Both shoots  were facilitated on different areas of the park though. :D I'll be posting just photos for this post so enjoy! Credits for photographers as captioned. :D

Photo by Kim Mantos Photography

Photo by Clintz Meji Photography

Photo by Eyestrain Photoworks (2013)

Photo by Joel Trinidad
Edited by JC Dalisay
Photo by Francis Legarda Photography
Photo by Bernard Garbo

I did mention before in my PCC Day 1 post that I met a Syaoran Cosplayer, I was able to have a shoot with her finally!

You can check out more photos from the albums of the photographers' official Facebook Pages:

Eyestrain Photoworks:

Francis Legarda Photography:

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  1. Where did you get your sakura clow cards? Thanks

    1. Hi! I got my Clow Cards from way way back - more than a decade ago and I just kept them in storage ever since.

      I'm not really sure where you can get them nowadays but I'll be writing a how to on how you can make a makeshift Clow Card. :D


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