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Summer Fun!

11:17 PM

Well, Summer is here in the Philippines! We've taken the season lightly at first but these days, staying inside the house makes you feel like you're in a oven toaster or microwave. But! There are some good things that this season has to offer.

1. Summer dresses!

I had a photo shoot with Clintz Meji Photography and Kim Mantos Photography last March 23 at the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was a hot day but the heat then wasn't as intense like it is these days. 

Photo by Clintz Meji Photography

Photo by Kim Mantos Photography

For our Fashion shoot, I wore a dress with light colors to keep the heat off of me. (Does it make sense? Haha!) And I also wore a...

2. Straw hat!

I love hats actually. And other hair accessories too - headbands, pins etc. I'm particularly fond of straw hats so whenever I see one in a store, I just stare in awe and my conscience starts talking to me if I should but it or not.

Photo by Kim Mantos Photography

Photo by Clintz Meji Photography

3. Mais con Hielo!

Well, its my favorite. Its available all year but having it during summer is just more heavenly than the other times that you eat it. Haha! Nothing beats having a cool refreshment during a hot summer day! I'd like to thank Clintz Meji for treating me during our shoot a Mais con Hielo! :D

I also did a cosplay photo shoot as Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura but I'll write about it on my next post. Ciao~ :)



Clintz Meji Photography

Kim Mantos Photography

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