How-To: Lose a Few Pounds or Maintain your Body Shape (w/o Exercise)

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It's been a while since I posted a How-To but this post will be more on just sharing some tips on how to maintain your body weight and/or lose a few pounds. Now, I'm not an expert on this topic but this is what I did to lose around 10-15 lbs.

First off, I did not have a personal trainer or someone to guide me through the following process. I started with just typing in at Google "How to lose weight" and I came across this site:

A bit chubby here~ hihi~
Photo by Victor Joseph Palileo
What you need for all this: Paper, Pen, Measuring Tape

Step 1

And when I got there, the first step that they recommended me to do is to measure the amount of Body Fat in my body with their Body Fat Calculator. Now, this is in no way super accurate but it gives you a gist of how much body fat you have in your body comparing it to the ideal body fat number in their Body Fat Rating Scale.


Take note of the amount of body fat that the calculator has generated and take note of it. [e.g. Body Fat % = 23.7% Average (Fitness)]

Step 2

Next is to determine your Body Type using the Body Type Calculator. Input the measurements needed and take note of your body frame. [e.g. Frame Size = Small Frame]

Step 3

Next is to check your Ideal Weight using the Ideal Weight Calculator.  Again, this is just a rough estimate on how you should weigh corresponding your height and your body frame. 

Again, take note of the Ideal Weight for your height and frame size. [e.g. Ideal Weight = 103-110 pounds]

Step 4

This is important, the 7-day Calorie cycle, use the Calorie Calculator and fill in the required entries/measurements. Afterwards, generate the 7-Day Calorie Cycle which you MUST take note of.

The amount of calories you need to intake in order to lose weight or maintain your weight is indicated there. Again, this is a rough estimate and in no way incredibly accurate. 

What to do

Now that you have taken note of everything, it's time to take note of what you must do in order to achieve the weight that you want.

Keep a "I want to do this" way of thinking

Everything relies on your way of thinking. It's all in the mind. The discipline to follow a weight loss plan is highly dependent on your attitude towards it. If you are determined, then the discipline to follow the 7-day Calorie Cycle will not be a problem, in fact, you will be meticulous as to always question how many calories are you eating in each meal and follow your own weight loss plan totally. 

Do not eat 3-hrs before you sleep

This is what I found to be most effective for me. Before coming across this weight loss plan, I was eating chocolates like crazy. I love chocolates. If our body doesn't get fat from eating chocolates then I would have been eating chocolates forever. But the fact is, they carry a lot of fattening stuff. I used to eat chocolates like 1 hr before I sleep and you could guess that it didn't really do good for my body. When I started following this, I noticed some change in my attitude towards eating as a whole. I wasn't really good to my body by eating too much and sleeping almost immediately after eating before but after that, I now know that my body needs time to process everything that I ate. We have to consider our body's systems and that alone changes our attitude towards eating.

Chew your food properly

The more you chew, the less calories your body will intake. This may or may not work for you. But if you want your body to process everything smoothly and properly, chew your food properly and they won't have that much problem in digesting it. It worked for me but I haven't heard that it has worked for someone else before. If it worked for you, please do tell in the comments below. 

In all of these steps, try to check in your notes from the earlier steps as reference - to see if you are on track or you have missed or forgot something. 

These are the tips that I have followed from the said website but I didn't necessarily follow it all. I didn't exercise that much. I did some dancing because that's what I usually do but other than that, nothing. 

[EDIT] I ate rice during this time. You don't have to sacrifice eating rice just so you can lose weight. Just keep it to a minimum and in line with your Calorie allowance per day and it will be fine. If you eat 1-2 cups of rice per meal, try cutting it down to just 1 cup or 1/2 of rice.

The most valuable thing that I treasure for having come across that site is the attitude that I must keep if I want to really lose weight. If your mind is prepared for all of the things that you must follow to lose weight, then following the weight-loss plan that you have set for yourself won't be a problem.

Now, remember that this doesn't come instantly. You cannot achieve everything in just 1-week. There might be slight changes if you follow it faithfully for one week but you mustn't stop there. Continue what you are doing. Changes started becoming visible for me after the 1st month of practicing this. PatienceDiscipline and Determination is important. 

Thanks for reading! :)

I'm no expert when it comes to dieting or losing weight. This post is just to give you an idea on how you can get started on your own weight loss plan that works for you and all of these has worked for me based on experience. I'm not saying that this will work for everyone who reads this, it is always the best to consult a doctor or a certified trainer.

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  1. Thank you for this :)
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    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! Glad to know that I was able to help you! :)


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