How-To: Wear Special Stockings

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Tatto Tights/Stockings, Printed Socks, Printed Stockings - there are a lot of ways to call it so I would prefer to call them Special Stockings because they are, in many ways, different from the standard white, skin tone and black tights/stockings.

Okay! Let's face it, these special stockings are sometimes hard to wear than the standard stockings. The difference? They have designs and the standard ones usually have no prints or follow a single color all throughout. When you wear these special stockings the same way you pull up the standard ones, well, sometimes you just can't get the designs right in place.

Cases in point:

  • The prints/designs are stretched sideways
  • The whole stocking looks like it flipped itself to the back
And this post will show you a little trick on how you can wear your stockings properly!

This post is mostly for female readers so guys, just recommend this to your female friends or girlfriend! [or maybe you can use it if you want to wear a printed stocking!] Hihi~

I got my stockings from Kawai Hayari. Vogue Royal Cosplay's sister shop. Check their shop out for ready-to-ship special stockings (or whatever you prefer to call them ^^V)!

Time to get started~

Step 1: Prepare your stocking.
  • Remove the packaging and determine which one is supposed to go in front and at the back.
Step 2: Collect the stockings (both left and right).

For this, you can either:

Option 1:

  • Put your right (or left) arm through the Stocking.

  • Collect the stockings on your arm by pulling the stocking. Repeat the same process on the other side [Right or Left, whichever you did first].

Option 2:

  • Use your thumb and pointer to collect the stockings into one hand. [And kind of do the same way for the other side of the stocking - multi-tasking]

Whichever option you followed [even your own technique] it should get you to this point:
Both sides are collected :)
IMPORTANT! Make sure that when you collect the stocking, you do not turn it in some other direction because you might end up putting in front what is supposedly at the back so don't rush this step! Now on to the next step~

Step 3: Put on the stockings on both feet simultaneously. 

Step 4: Slowly pull up the stocking. This has to be done simultaneously for both sides.

Oops! My right stocking is not aligned! Next step please~

Step 5: Create a half-fist (my own term, hehe) and put it inside the stocking where the print/design is not aligned.

Step 6: Carefully open your half-fist inside the stocking while keeping the fingers close together. Slowly move your hand to align the stocking in position.

Step 7: Once you have aligned the design, pull up the stocking up to the end. Repeat Step 6 if the design in some parts is not aligned or looks a bit stretched sideways.


Voila! You have successfully worn your Special Stockings with its design in tact!

This How To is actually my technique into wearing Special Stockings which was taught to me by my aunt. Before, I used to just pull up the stocking haphazardly. I would usually pull the stockings from the outside to align the design and because of that [sometimes] my stocking would run! So, when she taught me this trick, I was able to keep my stockings in tact. I hope this technique helped you too!

Special Stockings are a huge trend nowadays so I thought this would help my fellow ladies out there who are having problems in wearing them.

Thanks for reading! :)

Disclaimer: I used the term "Special Stockings" here as a general term as there are different kinds of stockings nowadays with different names such as Tatto Tights/Stockings, Woven Tights etc. So as not to be specific on what stocking I am referring to, I used a more general term so that the post can transcend the boundaries of what type of stocking the reader has.

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