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Places: My Singapore Adventure!

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When we talk about going to Singapore, we immediately think about places like the Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, Orchard Road, Bugis - all of which are the standard tourist spots in the country. Of course I went by those places during my trip to Singapore but I've added something in my itinerary which ended up with me discovering more than what I expected to find.

Haji Lane

Well, this might be a little bit of a mainstream tourist destination but for me it was one of the places I really wanted to go to when I visited Singapore. I saw it being featured in a TV program before and I was really hooked up to the idea that it's one of the places I would most definitely see.

Haji Lane was identified to be a street filled with shops varying from bikes, restaurants and clothing. The TV feature of the place showcased shops with a lot of unique and cute stuff. It actually didn't disappoint. Haji Lane was filled with shops offering uniques designs of shoes, bags and clothes.

It's a bit long but the shops are worth entering. Again, majority of the shops are focused on clothes, bags and shoes. The bike shop that I saw there called "Tokyo Bikes" were selling bikes that looked like they were just taken from an anime or something. They were really cute especially the ones with back seats (like Haruto Kirishima's bike in Kimi no Iru Machi).

I didn't take too much photos in the shops because I was a bit shy to take photos of their stuffs and some shops don't allow photos to be taken while you are in their shop.

How to get there:
  1. Alight at "Bugis" Station EW12 
  2. Walk through North Bridge Road - your landmark is 'Parkview Square' [Check photo below]
  3. Cross Ophir Road

If you see a small alley right after Bali Lane, that's Haji Lane!

Arab Street

Now this one isn't really hard to miss once you are in Haji Lane. It's just the street after Haji Lane! I wasn't able to take a photo of the whole street but it's easily identifiable because the shops there are all selling fabrics with mannequins displayed right outside their shops.

Level 5, Funan Digital Life Mall

Funan Digital Life Mall is known for having at each level an electronics shop. That's true but there's a special place right at the 5th Level of Funan Mall!

Basically, if you just go around the whole 5th level, you will see a lot of shops selling console and handheld games and gadgets PLUS a maid cafe and tons of Figure stores. Well, I wasn't able to take note of each and every shop because I was just in awe of what I was seeing. I thought there weren't that much shops in Singapore selling figures but to my surprise, there were a lot!

How to get there:
  1. Alight at "City Hall" Station NS25/EW13
  2. Walk from North Bridge Road and through Coleman OR High Street
Getting there involves a little bit of a walk but once you get there, it's all worth the effort!

China Square Central

I actually already visited Chinatown earlier in my trip but I wasn't able to go by this mall. I was hunting for Nendoroids actually and when I checked out where to find shops selling figures in Singapore, there were a few that came out all leading to China Square Central. So, I went back to Chinatown~

When I went around the mall I was so surprised to find at each and every corner there;s a collectible figures shop! My visit to the mall was worthwhile because I was able to discover another place where I can check out and buy figures whenever I'm in Singapore.

How to get there:

  1. Alight at "Chinatown" Station NE4
  2. Walk along Upper Cross Street, Take note if you have passed by Hong Lim Complex
  3. Cross the pedestrian lane through South Bridge Road

Level 7, Plaza Singapura

Now, to somewhere along Orchard Road!

Apart from hunting Nendoroids, I was also looking around Singapore for Cosplay shops. There was supposed to be one located at the 7th Level of Plaza Singapura. It was there but again, I was surprised because not only was it there, there were also other shops selling figures and even swords!

The stores capture the attention of those passing through this corridor!
There's also another shop on the 6th Level selling mangas! There were also K-POP collectibles inside that store like phone straps, card holders, mugs, tumblers, caps, light sticks and many more! I took around 30 to 40 minutes inside the shop only to walk out with one item [check photo at the end of post, hihi~].

How to get there:

  1. Alight at "Dhoby Ghaut" Station NS24/CC1/NE6
  2. Walk your way through the underpass to Plaza Singapura
  3. Go up the escalator for a few floors or use the lift

Level 5, Orchard Central

I was just going through Orchard Road, the traditional window and actual shopping and I came across a few shops offering figures and collectibles and of course cute clothing. Hehe~

I was surprised to find shops in a mall along Orchard. Well, I know there are other shops out there but I was able to find a few here. I entered a shop and bought myself a Nendoroid, one that I'm really attached to and wasn't able to come across one in the Philippines. [Again, check photo at the end of the post. Hihi~]

How to get there:

  1. Alight at "Somerset" Station NS23
  2. Walk your way out of the underpass, to 313@Somerset [take a look around!]
  3. Exit 313@Somerset to Orchard Road
  4. Walk towards Orchard Central

*Phew!* That was a lot! 

Well, I basically shared with you guys some places that you might be interested in visiting if you have free time in your schedule. The suggestions were mostly about collectibles and anime figures but there's a lot of cute/fashionable stuff in Haji Lane and fabrics in Arab Street for your cosplay needs.

You can also visit Bugis Street if you want to buy souvenirs at reasonable prices plus other fashionable clothing or you could also go around Orchard Road. These are just other suggestions in case you want to look for something anime/comic related - a detour from the usual tourist places.

Also, I'm sorry if there wasn't that much pictures in this post. >.< I'll try to update it with more pictures the next time I go back.


  • You should call the shops beforehand to check if they are open or they might have relocated.
  • Grab a free map when you arrive in Singapore and try plotting where these places are.
  • Prepare cash because only a few shops accept credit cards.

Now to the two items that I got from looking around....

A Shinguji Sakura & Koubu Nendoroid Set and Vampire Knight Volume 17!!!

Thanks for reading this post! I'll update this one with another post in the future with more comprehensive pictures of what to see! Till next time~

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