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A Gothic and Sweet Lolita at Vogue Royal Studio!

11:30 AM

Here it is! The final photos from the shoot that I had at Vogue Royal Studio which I mentioned in the previous post. Again, please do anticipate the official opening of

I'll be updating you guys with the official opening date so wait for it!

For now, sharing with you guys photos from the shoot!

Sweet Lolita Set 1

Photo by Romeo "StrOng" Photography
Photo by Wally Tiu Photography
Photo by Wally Tiu Photography
 Sweet Lolita Set 2, all photos taken by Wally Tiu Photography. ^^

On a side note, I can still actually fit inside a play house! Haha!
Gothic Lolita Set

Pardon my short legs~
Photo by Romeo "StrOng" Photography
And with Jia Gold Bustamante...
Photo by Romeo "StrOng" Photography
There you have it! 

You can check out the respective photographer pages at:

to view their portfolio [and some more photos from the shoot as they come!] 

Thank you for reading!

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