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Events: Level Up! Live 2013

9:30 PM

Level Up! Live 2013 was held earlier than usual but the tournaments are as hot as ever! Rivalries were relived anew, new contenders and champions emerged and the cosplay competition is still as sizzling as ever!

A screen capture of the stage with a still from PLACE TO PLACE!
The stage was really really awesome! A long catwalk gives cosplayers a lot of time to showcase their costumes. I was a judge at the cosplay competition and I gotta say, it was really hard to judge everyone - all of them had really intricate costumes and even the little ones shined on the stage!

Taken from the Question and Answer Portion of the Miss Level Up! Live 2013

You can check out the list of winners of the Cosplay Competition here:

By the way, I cosplayed as Kuroyukihime from ACCEL WORLD which will be premiering this August on ANIMAX!

More cosplay photos as Kuroyukihime in the future so look forward to it!
Photo by Erving Go
And had a short stage time to give updates on Animax Shows this July:

Photo by Marock Digital Entertainments
Again, congratulations to all the winners! Not only of the cosplay competition but also to the winners of the different tournaments in this year's Level Up! Live 2013!

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