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Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2 Fashion Photos

1:49 PM

Like I mentioned in the earlier post here, this post will be featuring the images from different photographers that I was able to work with at the event, Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2.

Photo by Eyestrain Photoworks
Photo by Kim Mantos Photography 
Photo by the Lightning Photography
Photo by Victor Joseph Palileo
Photo by Voji Fria
Photo by Photogari
Photo by Kevin John Palmiano
Photo by Jemarc Mojica
Again, big thanks to: Kim Mantos PhotographyThe Lightning PhotographyVictor Joseph PalileoVoji Fria PhotographyPhotogariEyestrain PhotoworksKevin John Palmiano and Jemarc Mojica. If you're interested in the works of these photographers, you may click on the names of each photographer. :)

Special thanks to Neon Island Clothing for my "88" knit top, The Glam Shoppe for my Zircon Blue Contact Lens and to Vogue Royal Cosplay for my Harajuku wig.

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