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Places: Vogue Royal Studio

11:44 PM

Opening soon is ...

Vogue Royal Studio is an "Exclusive Rental Photo Studio System" which is directed to giving those who enter the studio an experience that they always remember.

Vogue Royal Studio has 5 areas which can be used for your set up.

1. Victorian Era Sala Area
Photo from Vogue Royal Studio Page
2. Rococo Dining Area
Photo from Vogue Royal Studio Page
3. Colonial Kitchen Area
Photo from Vogue Royal Studio Page
4. Library Corner; and
5. Main Door Space

I was invited for a shoot at the studio and experienced things first-hand. Yey! (Thank you Romeo!)

From this point on, I'll be touring you to the whole transformation and experience in Vogue Royal Studio. Don't worry, the studio can house a lot of themes - depending on the set up. With that...

Photo and Collage by Romeo "StrOng" Photography at Vogue Royal Studio
Models: Me, Miu Aihara and Jia Gold Bustamante

Let's Start!

All the RQ-BL Dresses that can be used for the photo session are all ready and you can browse through it to choose the dress that you want for your session.

You can also avail of the makeup artist service of the studio but you can also use the station to do your make-up on your own. ^^V
Miu getting ready for the shoot! ^^V
 Next up! Choose the Lolita shoes which suits your preference and of course the RQ-BL clothes well.

Match the connection between your RQ-BL Dress and Lolita Shoes with these cute socks!

Lolita won't be Lolita without Lolita Wigs! There were a LOT to choose from but of course, choose something that you like and suits what you're wearing. Wigs are from Kawaii Hayari. :D

Time to accentuate the look with some sweet accessories!

 After that, take your selfies! Haha! Well, of course, it's time for your photo session with the  photographer. ^^

Selca Time with Mae~ Hihi~

Thank you Mae for this lovely photo!
I'll be posting the final photos from the shoot in the next entry and some BTS shots that I took. Thanks for reading!

P.S. They are still touching up on some minor details and adding in some more amenities to the studio so please anticipate their official opening!

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