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Backstage at Nihongo Fiesta 2013 Concert

2:52 PM

After my interview with UCHUSENTAI: Noiz, I went back stage and to my own dressing room~

I was practicing my script for a good 30 to 40 minutes and then the band came back to their respective dressing room beside mine so I went out and I noticed that they were in groups and a translator was teaching and translating some lines from Japanese to Filipino. I mustered up the courage to ask for a group photo with them and they gladly accepted my request.

After the group shot, the members went back to studying some Filipino lines. I was actually kind of staring at Angel Taka and I really love his ear piece. Ear pieces are known to be used by singers/vocalists so that they can hear the instruments/accompaniment clearly. His ear piece was diamond-studded, kind of Swarovski-ish so it was really nice~

I had a some short conversations with them in Japanese although it was a bit one-way because I can understand them (probably because of watching Anime non-stop) but I wasn't able to reply clearly in Japanese (this is really because I never had proper lessons in speaking Japanese and yeah because I can't practice it in casual conversations).

After the short backstage photo opportunity with them, I went back to my own dressing room and practiced my script and after a short while, I was called to get ready as the show was about to start!!!

Well, I was really nervous now and some of the staff and my sister was telling me words of encouragement to calm me down. Then the whole band was also in the back stage and then they gave me a 'go' signal to start.

When I went out, everyone gave out a loud cheer showing their excitement for it to start but of course, it was also the perfect time to thank everyone who came and those who made the whole concert possible. After thanking the sponsors, I went on to giving a short background about UCHUSENTAI:Noiz and as I mentioned the names one by one, the fans started to get wild! I mean, they were cheering for their bias in the band but all the members had equal loudness in cheers.

AND! I wrapped everything up and called the band in.

Short Teaser Video by Naruto Cosplayers Philippines :)

After my introduction and everything, it actually slipped my mind to go back stage and stuck around the stage for like a good 2 minutes figuring out what I needed to do. Haha! Silly me~

You can see me going to the back stage in the video above. Hihi~ When I got back, Yamato was already doing his intro by this time, the remaining members thanked me for introducing them. I also thanked them back for the opportunity to introduce them and we watched and waited until everyone was out on stage.

We went around the back to get back out to the concert area and was able to watch the concert :D

I actually tweeted this photo while the concert was on going~
Everyone was enjoying the music and of course, they all sang along the best that they could amidst the loud cheering. It was a really fun and exciting experience altogether and I'm really grateful that I was able to be a part of it.

Again, I'm really sorry for this super delayed post. It's only now that I'm pulling things back together and hopefully, things will be back on track and normal. 

Thanks for reading!

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