GSC Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji & Koubu Set

12:30 PM

Sharing with you guys my Good Smile Company (GSC) Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji & Koubu Set!

I got this from my trip in Singapore last June and went on to display it after a few weeks. Hihi~  I won't be talking much in this post, so, yeah, enjoy!

Well, it wasn't an extensive photo session but yeah, it's really cute and the details are really- gah! O.o

I collect figures if I can (meaning if I have the money for it) and apart from figures, I also collect Gunpla Model Kits, Albums etc...It's a lot but I do prioritize what I need to buy first so that I don't overspend though I do have those Impulsive Buying moments. Hihi~

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