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How To: Kuroyukihime's Makeup

11:00 AM

This is officially my first time doing a makeup video and I do hope that it helps you guys!

The makeup that I did here is my personal take on doing Kuroyukihime's Makeup.

Again, I'm not a pro on doing makeup but I decided to do this tutorial to give everyone an idea on how to do Kuroyukihime's Makeup just in case you plan to cosplay her. ^^V

Consider this to be like a guide but the rest is totally up to you. Feel free to incorporate your personal touches/preferences to the whole look.

You can use a Chocolate Brown contact lens to match her eyes. My lens are 14mm contacts from Executive Optical (EO). [As of writing, August 5 2013, contact lens from EO are on sale at SM Mall of Asia - not sure with other branches though.]

Music in the video:
"Book and Bossa" by K-Taro Takanami

By the way, ACCEL WORLD will be premiering on ANIMAX on August 12 at 11 PM :)

Please do give me a feedback if ever this has helped you or things that I can improve on or if you would want another tutorial like this one? Share your thoughts/comments below! ^^

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