How-To: Makeshift Clow Cards

9:03 PM

I've been getting messages from people who are asking me on where I got my Clow Cards. Well, I got them around 13 years ago.

Yes, it's really old.

I might have mentioned before that it was around 7 to 8 years ago that I got my Clow Cards but I do remember getting these at around the 1st or 2nd Grade of Elementary School and I already graduated from college sooo, yeah, it was around 13 years ago. With that, I'm really sorry but the place where I got 'em isn't around anymore.

Photo by Clintz Meji Photography; Uber thanks to RG for the Cerberus Plushie~

But! I do have a good news if ever you really need Clow Cards. You can make makeshift Clow Cards on your own! 

You might have your own methods of doing stuff like these, you can go on with that. You can also use this tutorial as your basis to create your own. With that...

Let's Start!

Things you will need:
  • Sticker Paper (Matte/Satin/Glossy)
  • Old/New Cardboard/Folder
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (Optional if you want exact measurements)

Step 1: Layout the images of the Clow Card (Front and Back Design) on your computer.

This size is basically the dimensions of my own Clow Cards but feel free to adjust a little or add in a few mm/cm. :D

Step 2: Print them side by side.

Really sorry about the quality, my printer is really low on ink.
Step 3: Cut to separate them.

OPTIONAL: You can print them near each other and just fold it over the cardboard/folder later.

Step 4: Paste the Front/Back design on to the Cardboard/Folder.

Step 4: Cut up to the exact edges of the card from the folder and paste the Front/Back Design.

Step 5: Check the sides if everything is exact and pasted neatly. 

And we're done!!!

Left: Makeshift Clow Card / Right: My Clow Card
Left: Makeshift Clow Card / Right: My Clow Card
In the comparison photos above, it looks a bit different because I used a matte (almost paper like texture) sticker paper so it looks like a pasted paper or something. At this point, I do suggest using a Satin or Glossy sticker paper just not something so matte like what I used.

This How To is just to give you an idea on how you can make "Clow" Cards which are different from the "Sakura" Cards being sold at stores nowadays. Tip on the cards that Sakura always uses: Windy, Fly and Jump :D Print the cards you need for your cosplay and you're good to go!

If you need some help on creating your own Baton, check out my 'How-To' for that here.

Anyway, thanks for reading! :)

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