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My interview with UCHUSENTAI NOIZ before their concert at the Nihongo Fiesta last February at SM Sky Dome.

Popular among the locals, their cover of "Narda" ^^

I'm really sorry for this delayed post. Some points might be a bit irrelevant as I was asking the questions in the context of the concert at that time. Again, I'm so sorry to the Space Babies who might've been waiting for this interview to come out.

Anyway, the whole band was really accommodating for photos and they were even trying to start conversations with the fans! I had fun talking to them and backstage as well. I'll share my backstage experience at another super delayed post. ^^

Before the interview session with the press, fans were able to take pictures with the band and have their merchandises signed :D
Angel Taka was mostly the one answering the questions but there are some parts where the members have answers too! Angel Taka's answers are mostly collective so don't worry that the content is just his opinion. :D

✮Interview START

Arriving at Manila

What was the first thing that you did as soon as you arrived here?
Angel Taka: I bought the Popcorn that’s sold outside. Haha! Before the rehearsal yesterday, we bought the caramel flavored one. We ate it together. And after the rehearsal we bought the cheese flavor. Masarap (Delicious)!
What was the reaction of the vendor selling the popcorn to you when you came back?

Angel Taka: She showed me a wonderful smile. Wonderful smile~ Very Cute~ And ah... Very Sexy~
What were you looking forward the most upon coming back here in Manila?

Angel Taka: Actually, the first time we came here, it was beyond our expectations on how much fans we have in the Philippines. And so, this second time was decided very quickly after the first visit so we were very excited. 

I saw your posts about the concert posters around the city, were you able to count them?
Angel Taka: I really had fun because it’s very strange for us to see our posters around. We did take pictures and uploaded them on Twitter.
Did seeing your posters around add to the excitement for the concert?

Angel Taka: Yes, seeing the posters made us more excited. When we were looking at the posters we were saying “Oh, who are those good-looking guys?” And then after a while, we realized: "Oh! That’s us!” 


Have you ever switched colors with a band member?
Angel Taka: We never thought about that. That’s a great idea! Actually, we have a fans club and when we have these special concerts for them, we do exchange costumes with each other and perform. We hope that we get more popular in the Philippines so that we can do an exclusive fans ‘Live’ in the Philippines.
Are there any colors in your current line up that you don’t like?
Kyo: Blue
Yamato: Blue
Angel Taka: Blue
Kotaro: Blue 
Masato: Blue 
To Kotaro: Doesn’t that mean that they hate you?
Kotaro: I don’t mind. 

A still from my interview with them. They're looking at me as I was asking a question at this point. Hihi~

Canada Performance

You recently went to Canada for a live concert, how was your experience there? The food? Weather?
Angel Taka: When we visited Canada, it was the coldest day on record it was -30 so it was very cold and compared to the Philippines right now, there’s a big difference. Despite that, we had fans waiting and lining up for us so although it was very cold, we felt so much warmth from them.

To Angel-Taka: I saw a picture of you skating in Canada without a shirt on, you didn’t catch a cold after that?
Angel Taka: Haha! It’s -30 degrees if you have clothes on but without clothes, it’s beyond cold. My nipples were falling off - cast off! 


Do you watch Anime whenever you have time?
Yes, we watch anime.
What anime?
Kyo: Gurrenn Lagan, Milky Holmes, Pretty Cure
Yamato: Natsume Yuujin Cho, TIGER & BUNNY
Angel Taka: I watch the cable in my region, TIGER MASK
(Comment from the audience and translator: No one knows that anime, haha!)
Kotaro: I don’t really watch that much but the last one that I watched was…K-ON.

Masato: The one I’m watching now is Little Bastards. That’s the only thing that I watch. 

Songs and Live Performances

Where do you get your inspirations when composing and arranging songs?

Angel Taka: Of course the mission of UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ is to bring peace and harmony for Earth. And so we get our inspiration from personal experiences that we share together and from there, we create our songs with the peace and harmony of the Earth in mind.
Would there be a time when you have disagreements in arranging the song/s?
Angel Taka: Whenever we arrange new songs, the main composer is the leader for that song and he can slap whoever disagrees or actually punch him. 

Whenever you have live concerts, do you get nervous or do you feel the adrenaline before you go up the stage?
Angel Taka: Exciting and nervous at the same time.
Does it start before you get here, in Japan or when you’re here, you suddenly feel it?

Angel Taka: Right now, we’re not feeling the nerves yet but I think after the interview is done and we’re walking to the back stage I think that’s when it will hit us. 
What are your inspirations whenever performing live concerts?
Angel Taka: Our number 1 inspiration is that the fans those going to the concert are kept excited and also have big smiles on their faces. 

Free Time!

Where can we find UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ if members have free time? Where can we find the members?
Kyo: I love to fish so I go to places where I can go fishing and I also love to smoke.
Yamato: In my case, I love to eat so you can find me in a Yakiniku restaurant.
Angel Taka: I love to watch movies, so I go to the theatre.
Kotaro: Basically, I live in the world of dreams. So you can find me in the 4th dimension.

Masato: I don’t leave the house. I sleep and do music. 

Do you mostly spend your free time alone? Or do you spend it with the other members?

Angel Taka: When we’re free, we don’t want to be together. Haha! 

Nihongo Fiesta Concert

What can the fans expect from UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ’s concert today?
The last time we were here, we were only able to give an 80% performance but this time we brought everything that is as close to the Japanese concert – the equipment, effects – we brought the same thing so we are certain that this time, it’s gonna be a 100% stage performance and we’re gonna give everyone our love.

Message to the Space Babies!

We know the reason that we are able to perform at a venue like this is all thanks to our space babies so we’d really like to share the love and we hope that you enjoy our concert. 

✮Interview END

Again, I'm really sorry for this super delayed interview post with the band. I know they also participated recently at a concert here in the country. Please do comment anything you want to share about your experience/thoughts about the band! :)

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