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Taking a break from sewing! *phew* I'm working on a new costume but I'll be posting teaser photos as soon as I finish everything. I'll keep it as a surprise until then. Hihi~

Anyway, I did mention that I am a KPOP fanatic but I haven't posted that much about it so this post is dedicated to sharing with you guys my K-POP COLLECTION!!!

This is a relatively small amount of albums for a collection but each and every one of these albums and other collectibles are really valuable.

U-KISS Collection of pins, lanyards and a phone strap
My Super Junior Collection! (I also have the Victory Korea Album not here though >.<)
These are albums from around 1-3 years ago. I haven't expanded my collection as I'm trying to balance my budget between costumes, figures, kits and all the other stuff I plan on collecting. [Sorry wallet, it's always a struggle to keep you stuffed with money >.<] I know I have to focus on just expanding one collection but with all the stuff out there, it's really hard to stick to the list.

A few f(x) albums, SHINee's Hello, and Miss A's Step Up
Yes, I'm a big fan of Girls' Generation <3
I'm always asked which KPOP Group I mostly follow, well, it's Girls' Generation (SNSD). My bias is Seo Hyun 

I really saved up to get my hands on these stuff. Some were gifts and I'm really thankful to the people who gave me some of the albums here :D

What I wasn't able to include in the photos above were the posters that came along with the albums. I also have some local and foreign magazines about K-POP (and artists) which I was able to get my hands on.

Again, not a really big collection but really happy that I have these~ 

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