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I went to Singapore last June and I was able to meet up with Kaika of "The Cosplay Chronicles". Thank you so much Kaika for meeting up with me despite your busy schedule at that time!

Pardon my face, I've been walking around the whole 2 days I was in Singapore so yeah, hello eyebags!  Anyway, on to the interview!

Cosplay Beginnings
How long have you been cosplaying?
Hahaha! I’ve been cosplaying for a decade – I’m old!
Hm..for a decade…any specific date?
When I was in school ^^V
What got you into cosplaying?
At I first I heard people talking about cosplays on the internet. I think it was ’98 at that time, even before MSN! I thought it was very interesting but even before that, I’ve already seen pictures online of American Conventions – American Cosplays and I was like “Oh, that’s so cool!” I didn’t think that Singapore was gonna have that but when I saw that we actually had a small event that caters to that, I was so excited like as soon as I had the chance, I just went to it straight to the event! 
Did you go to that event in cosplay or did you just go to it in casual clothes?
Yes, I went there in cosplay. It was my first cosplay. It was Yukishiro Tomoe from Rurouni Kenshin. And my dad was the one who helped me in my first cosplay.
Does he still help you now?
Haha! No. Since that was my first cosplay, we had no idea how to start so my dad volunteered to help me. 
When did you start making your own costumes?
As soon as I got to my second costume, I started doing little parts like sewing on the bias, the buttons, some props. I think my third costume was where I started doing everything from scratch because after the first costume and this second costume, my parents were like “We’re not gonna help you anymore”.
But when you started cosplaying, were they against it?
My mom was not very happy with me. She was especially angry because of the second costume. I couldn’t finish it on time so she helped me and when she was sewing she was saying, “You are never ever gonna do this again! How can you do this even if you don’t know how to sew? Why are you using such a long thread on the needle?” My parents used to be a seamstress and a tailor so they have very good experience with it so on other times they were scolding me. Haha!
What’s your favorite anime? Even though I know there’s a lot but the most memorable one for you?
I have two - Shakugan no Shana and Skip Beat.
Photo by Brian Lim Photography

Photo by Brian Lim Photography
 The Cosplay Chronicles
When did you start The Cosplay Chronicles?
This Last August, it's was The Cosplay Chronicles’ 4th year.
What got you into writing about cosplay?
I’ve always had a blog, my personal blog. From that, I really enjoyed writing...I enjoy writing and I enjoy sharing.  Since I have done cosplay for quite a while, I knew that I had experience to share. Cosplay has actually gotten quite the recognition these past few years but before that time, there wasn’t as much information in the internet for new cosplayers to check. So then I thought why don’t I share what I know? I enjoy the process of creating stuff – like creating videos or writing blogs. I started using a YouTube channel actually, I uploaded a video and after that I decided to blog because it was going to be like an extension of the channel. I wanted to have a platform to share and talk about cosplay as a respected hobby/ activity by itself. I wanted to focus on it and shed light on it on a dignified manner. I wanted to share it as a form of art…Cosplay is very easy to be misinterpreted. It’s my way to put my opinions somewhere and I thought that this was the best place to get started with.
When did The Cosplay Chronicles start taking off? Like when did you see it growing?
I think after the first year but I don’t really think The Cosplay Chronicles is that popular especially when I compare myself to other bloggers like the lifestyle bloggers. So yeah, cosplay as a market is relatively small.
Cosplay tips for new cosplayers? I know you already posted a lot on The Cosplay Chronicles, but what are the important things to remember when cosplaying?
If you have the time, start early. Start very early so you can finish things on time.  Try wearing everything on yourself at least once before the event so you can practice and avoid any accidents on the event day itself. Bring a camera when you go to an event. If you are a new cosplayer, I reckon that you won’t have a lot of friends but don’t be shy and just go to the event and make friends. For the camera, if you see someone who’s cosplaying the same character as you, approach them and ask for a picture.

Cosplay Randomness!!
Have you experienced a cosplay mishap at an event?
There are many!
The most embarrassing?
There was a time when I cosplayed Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 and she had this really tight vest. In the middle part of it I used tack to keep it together. It was my second time wearing it and I used only 1 safety pin. And tacks tend to pull apart and the costume had a trail on the side. So after we were taking pictures, there was a bench behind us then my trail was on the bench and I didn’t notice, my friend stepped on it. When I moved, the whole thing came apart. So I was like “Oh no!” It was really embarrassing and thankfully I had 1 pin or two so it kept in place and I also managed to react in time but it was so embarrassing. I’m not sure but I think there was a photographer taking a picture of us. The safety pin saved my life!
Memorable cosplay moment?
Hm..It’s not actually when I was cosplaying but I was touched at this moment. I remember a lot of memorable moments but this is the first one that comes into mind. When I went to Cosplay Mania in 2011, I was seated at the front row and when the competitors competing to be the Philippines Representative for a Regional Cosplay Competion, before they went on stage, they were showing a short interviews with the cosplayers talking about their hardships. I was really touched when I saw that and I was about to cry it’s just that…I feel so much love coming from them towards the hobby.

Don’t stress yourself too much over cosplay, it is a hobby which could enrich you and your life but it shouldn’t be something that makes you unhappy. Don’t get too caught up in the cosplay drama and just have fun! It’s a place you can meet friends who can be your friends for life.

Again, one of the plenty delayed posts that I have been putting on hold for too long and I'm so sorry to Kaika and to everyone! >.<

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