Mid-September and October on ANIMAX!

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Well, apart from some changes in Ani-Time with Alodia, ACCEL World has successfully concluded last week. *sad* :(

BUT! Last Friday, September 13, we were introduced to a new anime - KAMISAMA KISS! *yey!*

KAMISAMA KISS is a romantic-comedy series with also a hint of the supernatural. But when I say supernatural, it's about interacting with spirits and not the 'scary' ghosts type of supernatural.

Momozono Nanami becomes a goddess overnight after being pushed out of their apartment and her father leaves her all their debt. She meets a stranger named Mikage. Mikage gives Nanami an address to a shrine where she can stay for the time being but little did Nanami know that when she came there, she was to be the god of that shrine! Apart from instantly becoming a goddess, she also has to deal with Tomoe, the shrine's familiar. How will Nanami deal with all this? Find out by watching the series, from Monday to Friday at 11PM only on ANIMAX.

Additional information about KAMISAMA KISS can be found here.

Story Synopsis, Character Backgrounds, and Schedules can be found on the link that I shared above so check it out. ^^V

Now, to give you something to look forward to on October...

Apart from COPPELION, another show that we have for you is HYOUKA! For those who went to the ANIMAX booth at AFA Indonesia 2013 and were lucky enough to receive Hyouka Folders, ANIMAX goodies, and have a photo opportunity at the booth, then you might've seen the Hyouka Standees and posters! Another show is My Little Monster!

Phew! Anyway, that's really a lot so head on to the ANIMAX Asia and ANIMAX Philippines Facebook pages to receive updates on the latest shows on ANIMAX!

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