Something new on Ani-Time this September!

3:09 PM

I think I haven't announced this yet on the blog so I'll say it now (hihi~). I've been posting every now and then on the Animax Philippines page - sharing anime news, figures, updating on recent episodes on the channel and of course, posting a photo from the set whenever we are taping for Ani-Time with Alodia!

Last time, I posted this photo of us and I did reply to those who commented on the picture.

Thanks to Justine Chantelle of Dorotee Sweetlips for dressing us up!
So, I invite everyone to check out the Animax Philippines page every now and then to know if we're taping new episodes for Ani-Time! I reply to comments in between takes. :D

Apart from sharing a photo from the set and replying to comments on the photo, another big thing this September on Ani-Time is that we are adding in Filipino words in the script! Don't worry, we won't convert everything into Filipino, just adding in a few words to emphasize on some points.

I'll be updating this post of all the online previews for this September and do give some feedback on the changes! 

Here are the videos!

September 2 - 6, 2013 

September 9 - 13

September 16 - 20

September 23 - 27

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