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Oh-No! Manga Octo Con 2

8:49 PM

I didn't announce that I'll be going to this event so this might come as a surprise post to everyone, hihi~

I went there to check out the event and check out a few shops for some lenses that I need for my cosplay plans. Here are some photos of the booths in the event. :D

Really awesome drawings! <3
Titan Pajama~~~

Levi Hasbando~~
*shock!*With Eiri Mina ~ Photo by B.A. Photography
There was also the Oh No! Manga Cafe were people hang around to draw, talk about stuff, wait for their friends and for cosplayers to rest up. When I got to the event, people were mostly drawing. 

I also went to the GUNPLA Area to check out the model kits for sale. I was really tempted to buy one on the spot but I thought: "priorities first Rhianna!" and that was looking for lenses for my cosplay. But I just couldn't get enough of GUNPLA~~~

Peace ^^V

And I was also able to meet up with Neneko from Taiwan, the special guest for the event~

EDIT: I added in these photos. Special thanks to Oh-No! Manga, Royal Cosplay and Cosplay Network Philippines!

And yes, I was able to find the lenses that I needed for my cosplay plans.

Thanks to The Glam Shoppe for helping me find the lenses I was looking for!
You might be wondering why I still had to buy the lenses physically at the booth in the event, well, as much as I love shopping and browsing things online, I also prefer seeing the item as well. Seeing the item physically helps me in deciding if it's the right one or not plus you can also ask the sellers about the item and what other stuff you might need to know about the item.

So, that concludes my Oh-No! Manga Octo Con 2 post. Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. This was the one last Oct 20, 2013 isn't it? I attended that event.


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