2013 Highlights and Thanks

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2013 was a really good year for me! Lots of shoots, posts that I'm glad could help everyone, and some personal things that I shared all throughout the year. Here are 7 highlights to wrap up how 2013 was for me and my blog!

7. Cosplay and Concept Shoots

This year, I was able to work with a lot of photographers for Cosplay and Concept Shoots. I did post a few of them in the blog but most works can be found on the respective photographers' page and I mostly share them on my Facebook page.

Still, I'll share them as they come along but I won't upload everything here. Previous posts about my collaborations with Photographers are under the label Portfolio. :)

For the photographers that I've worked with for the past year, thank you so much! Looking forward to working with you again next year!

6. How-Tos

It's really heartwarming for me that I was able to help people with my How-to posts. You can check them out here. The top 2 most viewed How To posts are:

2014 Resolution: More How-To Posts! :D

5. Interviews

I got to meet some really awesome people this year! I'm really honored and grateful that I met them and got to interview them for my blog and their fans! Special thanks again to Reika, UCHUSENTAI NOIZ and Kaika aka The Cosplay Chronicles! You can check out my interview with all of them here.

4. Kidou Senshi Gundamu

I've put this as a highlight because the post on my blog which is number 1 in terms of views is when I shared my Strike Freedom for the first time! O.o I did share my process post for how I built it but I really get engrossed into building it that I actually forget to take pictures. Gomen~ But I do take a lot of photos when they're posed though. Hihi~ And here's a photo of my posed Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice!

3. Media Appearances

I got to appear at 2 local TV stations this year as well. The first was on It's Showtime (ABS-CBN) last May and the second one was at What's Up Doods? (TV5) last October. 

Special thanks to Alodia for inviting me to be a part of her team for It's Showtime! We were also with Chienna Filomeno for the Segment. :D

Many thanks as well to Edu Manzano for having me at his show! :D


This year, I co-hosted Ani-Time with Alodia starting January up until this December. Apart from appearing on Ani-Time, I have represented ANIMAX at some events throughout the year, also got to meet my and have a photo opportunity with my fans last Cosplay Mania which was a blast! Right now, I'm currently handling the ANIMAX Philippines Facebook Page but of course, I still keep my personal page updated. 

Also, we've collaborated with Dorotee Sweetlips and Neon Island Clothing in a lot of the episodes for Ani-Time with Alodia. Special thanks to Dorotee Sweetlips for our lovely Lolita Clothes! And to Neon Island Clothing for the Knit Sweaters!

1. You!

Yes, you! You who always takes the time to read my posts not only on my blog but on other platforms as well. It's because of you guys that I want to write more! I'm really sorry if I don't post that frequently though. I promise to update more this 2014! 

Thank you so much for standing by me all this time! 

Again, big thanks to all the people that I've met, worked and hung out with this 2013! See you again this 2014!

Special thanks to those who have supported me throughout the year! Hope you continue to support me this 2014!

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