Holiday Fan Sign Giveaway!

2:00 PM

I've launched a Fan Sign Request post on my Facebook Page today, December 9. It'll be open until December 11, 11:59 PM. After that, I'll be posting the fan sign photos starting December 12, Thursday, onwards.

Last year's greeting that I posted on my FB Page. :)

Here's the post to save you time in searching for my Facebook Page. Hihi~

Share the post to your friends if they want one as well. ^^V This is FREE. No purchase is necessary to get a fan sign from me. As long as you have sent in your request until Wednesday, then you are guaranteed to get one! :D [And as long as you don't delete your comment too!]

Just note in the comment as well your name if you don't want me to write the name of your Facebook Account.

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE [December 16, 2013]: I've already closed the request post. I have listed over 250 requests! I did promise that I was supposed to post it last Thursday - December 12, 2013 - but after much contemplation, I have decided not to post them just yet. I wasn't satisfied with how it looked like so I'll re-do it again. Rest assured, I'll post it in time for Christmas and not later than that. I want the fan signs to be special and not just something done haphazardly. So, if you sent your request in time, don't worry! You're in the list!

UPDATE [December 18, 2013]: I've uploaded the First Batch consisting of 44 Fan Signs here. :)

UPDATE [December 19, 2013]: I've uploaded 104 Fan Signs here. :)

UPDATE [December 25, 2013]: I've uploaded 45 Fan Signs here. :)

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