Queen Elsa (Frozen) Moments

4:05 PM

If you've been following me on my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter, you would have noticed that over the weekend, I've been sharing photos of my Queen Elsa Moments. If you don't know Queen Elsa and haven't watched the movie "Frozen" then you are totally missing out. Kidding! It would leave you thinking on how different things turned out. No damsel in distress saving moments so yeah, it was really a bit out of the box.

Gown by Auggie Cordero
Hair and Make Up by Ms. Ellen and Edgar of Jesi Mendez
Anyway, almost got out of topic there, so going back to my Queen Elsa moments. It just really unexpectedly happened that my gown for my cousin's wedding kind of resembles Queen Elsa's Turquoise Gown in the movie. Minus the cape and black sleeves and all. It just really resembles it so much that I had my hair arranged like hers.

That's pretty much the explanation for my Queen Elsa moments over the weekend and here's the last photo!

A hairstylist did my hair for this look. So for those asking for a tutorial, I've retraced how the hairstylist did it but my braiding skills are totally lacking so making a tutorial for it is still a little ways down the road. I still have to practice. Gomen~ But if I do have a friend who's willing to collaborate with me for the post then I'll put it up immediately!

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