Steve Madden: Ally and Spycee

3:23 PM

The shoes that I used for my Queen Elsa Moments post was a Steve Madden Ally Platform T-Bar Sandal with Crystal Straps. I posted this on my Instagram which was linked to my Twitter and something amazing happened!

Steve Madden gave my post a Favorite and last Jan 6, his wife, Wendy Madden followed me on Twitter! Needless to say, I'm so overwhelmed! I love Steve Madden Shoes and I've started collecting last year. They're a bit pricey for shoes but (pardon my gushing) they're just so pretty! So I'm guilty as charged for loving shoes. Well, I prefer wearing flats over heels for daily wear but for days that I must wear heels, Steve Madden pairs are just the perfect fit!

Another bonus, this isn't my pair but my sister's and they're just so Sparklyyy~ Do you agree? Haha! She's in love with her pair as well. This pair is called SPYCEE-R in Champagne. :D

So if you need a little bit of retail therapy, then try and visit Steve Madden. Yes, I know, the price range is a bit high but trust me, if you get a pair of them heels, girl, I think you'll think of them as your babies. A little bit of exaggeration there but hopefully you get the point. ^^V

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