Crystal Jewel Pink

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Hooray for first review!

Anyway, I did mention in the hiatus post that I'm no expert when it comes to things but hopefully, this can help you guys if ever you decide to purchase this type of lens for your beauty/cosplay necessities. Now, on to the review!

Crystal Jewel Series is mostly recommended for cosplays because of its design and colors. Mostly fitting the common anime eye color, it's the album that I check first whenever I have a new character that I'm working on.

Tip: Since I have a lot of contact lenses at the same time, I get confused. So, I thought of removing the sticker on top of the bottle and paste it on the lens case. Just don't forget which one's left and right!

The diameter is 15mm. To be honest, I always use lenses with 14-14.5mm. There was a time that I wasn't able to take wearing 15mm lenses so I opted not to use them again. But I decided to give it a try again with this pair. So here's my review:

Pattern: 4/5
The pattern's very simple. I'm not usually fond of using circle lenses with grainy texture so this pattern is just right for me. It doesn't make it hard for you to imagine how it would look like when you wear it.

Color: 4/5
Maybe it's just the lighting or me being OC but when worn, it somehow looks a bit purple. I guess it depends on the lighting and when you're wearing it on top of really dark brown irises.

Enlargement: 5/5
Well, for me it really was a big change from wearing 14mm lenses. It does give you a bigger eye-look with a wider limbal and your iris somehow extends to the color of the lens.

Comfort: 4/5
Considering it's diameter, it's very comfortable. Although, you'd have to keep your eyedrops handy because after like an hour or 2, your eyes will feel a bit dry. Just keep your lens lubricant drops ready!

There you have it! Hope this review helped you guys! I'd like to thank Eye Candy Shop for this pair! Visit their shop to check out their collection of lenses. They also have lens suggestions for anime characters! ♥ 
'Till the next post!

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