April 2014 on ANIMAX

2:43 PM

Good and Evil, Dreams, Love, Celebration and Rejoice - all these come together this April 2014 on ANIMAX!

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ANIMAX is available on Sky Cable Ch 46 and Cignal Digital TV Ch 34

Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties

An all new season has begun on last April 10, 7 30 pm, Monday to Friday replacing Fairy Tail in it's time slot. Find out more about each of the Cuties as each episode focuses on a different character.

All new episode at 7 30pm, Monday to Friday. Same day repeat at 10 30pm. Weekend Marathon, Saturdays starting 8 30am onwards and 5 pm onwards.

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

An all new generation of Prism Stars are introduced in Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future. Watch as Prizmmy☆ as they strive to become top Prism Stars like MARs every Monday to Friday at 5 30 pm.

All new episode at 5 30pm, Monday to Friday. Same day repeat at 9 30pm and Next day repeat at 8 30am.

Bleach - New Episodes

Swords come to life in Bleach - New Episodes. The Zanpakuto assume human forms and fights against their wielders in this arc of Bleach. Watch the battle between Good and Evil starting April 28, Monday to Friday at 7 30 pm.

Brother's Conflict

Ema's father remarries and she gains 13 new brothers! What will happen in her life now that she lives in a house full of boys? Catch Brother's Conflict as it premieres on April 29, Monday to Friday at 11 pm.

ANIMAX Daisuki!
Available on:
Sky Cable Ch 46
Cignal Digital TV Ch 34

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