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Cosplay: Aila Jyrkiäinen

2:46 PM

I love Gundam Build Fighters. And if you've been following my Facebook Page over the weeks that it was airing, I always rant about the episodes and Reiji x Aila. Aila is just so adorable and but when she's at the arena, her persona changes and she's an awesome pilot (even without the embody system).

Anyway, I finally got to tick off a character in my long and always updating - cosplay bucket list. It's a list that I have in my head of characters that I really want to cosplay and this is a veeerryyyy looonggg list. But, I guess whenever I have a new cosplay, an item gets checked off the list and when I watch new animes or re-watch old animes, I add a few new characters to the list. It's a constant cycle that's why I'm struggling which one to prepare for first. Gosh, I'm rambling too much. On to the photo shoot!

It's been a while since I last collaborated with Eyestrain Photoworks for a cosplay shoot. We also collaborated with Dynamai Photography for this shoot so do check out their pages for more photos!

Again, for more photos, check out:

Probably the hardest part for this costume was the hat and hair. I had a hard time making the hat and I went through 3 prototypes before I got to the final result which is the one that I used for our shoot. For the wig, I wanted Aila's curls to be noticeably thick but the curls won't set outwards and it keeps on caving towards my head. You'll notice that the hair doesn't have curls flying out at the back.

I might make tutorial on how I did the hat but again, I wasn't able to take process photos so my tutorial for that will mostly be text-y.

Thanks for reading! New cosplays soon! 

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