June 2014 Roundup

9:00 AM

Hi guys! So, I haven't updated my blog that much this month and now June's ending! I'm really sorry for my erratic posting or lack of posts. Again, there's just so much happening with my life that somehow drains all the writing ideas. I have drafts of posts that I want to share but I still feel that they're still half-baked. And yeah, with all that's happening in my life, I haven't shared those yet.

Photo by Gian Bacuyag 
Anyway! Mainly, I was busy this June preparing for a long trip this July. It'll be the first time that I'll be living somewhere where I don't know anyone that much. For the details, I'll just take you by surprise.

Photo by Jhe Photoglapiruu
Next, I was also busy with a few events and had to prepare my Naru Ayase costume. And just yesterday, I was in a cosplay shoot project with other cosplayers and photographers. I cosplayed Naru Ayase so expect more photos to be shared on my Facebook page and I'll follow it up with a compilation post here.

Again, if you're looking for timely updates, my Facebook page is the place to check out. And since my trip is coming up as well, I'll try to update my blog with my experience. Thanks for reading! 'Til the next post!

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