Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome

8:35 PM

I got to see Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome! I was really excited when I saw the shop sign. All things JUMP! Enjoy!

There's also another entrance but this one's much grander. :D

Chopper was overflowing the One Piece racks!

So, which one? :D

Gintoki: I'm watching you...

Awesomely placed standees. :D

Veeerrryyyy tempting~

Really tempting O.o

I tried really hard to control myself from buying stuff. Since there were a lot to choose from, I just decided that I'll come back on another day. Luckily, Tokyo Dome is near my school so I can drop by before I ride the train home! Hihi~

Anyway, you can get to Tokyo Dome through Suidobashi Station from JR Line and Mita Line. You would have to walk a little bit though. But it's not hard to miss! By the way, there was a cosplay photo marathon when I went  there. You'll just have to pay 2,000 yen and you can either cosplay or take photos of cosplayers. And it ran until 10 pm! Sadly, you can't take photos even with phone cameras so I won't be able to share any picture. :( Anyway, 'til the next post!

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