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animate Ikebukuro

4:40 PM

Need to buy anime merchandises but your tour itinerary doesn't include Akihibara*gasp* but it includes Ikebukuro? Fret not, as animate Ikebukuro can save your day!

animate mostly caters books but they also sell goods, dvds and music albums. I would entitle this post as another scorching day but I mostly stayed indoors and walked only to and from the station and to J-World Tokyo which I will share on another post.

The animate building has 9 floors, each offering different types of items as I've mentioned. In front of the floor guide in the image above, there are 2 elevators which you can use to get to the top. But before I went up, since there were so much products in the 1F, I decided to take a look around.

Going back to the elevator, when I got in, the elevator was only serving up to 7F so I had to go up the flight of stairs to get to the 8F. The 9F was closed as there was no on-going event.

Even though I couldn't get to all floors using the elevator, it was an absolute joy to go up and down the stairs as each flight is adorned with ads of the game "Kaleido Eve" - which is most likely to be exclusive to the Japanese market.

Haikyuu!! was the anime featured in animate's Only Shop space at the 8F. The area was divided into two: exhibit and goods. You can buy Haikyu!! related goods/merchandise at the other side. Most of which are also available at Jump Shop. Some goods are also distributed in other floors.

Time to go down to the other floors! I still had 5 floors left to explore. >.< Apart from the steps placed with ads, the walls of the staircase also have posters lined up.

By this point, I have reached 6F - the Goods floor. The 5F was also assigned as a Goods floor. I was really itching to buy a piece of a collectable per title but I had to consider my wallet and luggage space. *sigh*

After going through all the goods, I went down to the Books Floors. Needless to say, I was itching to buy a whole series but I decided against it as my Japanese isn't that good.

At the end of going through each floor, I wasn't able to get anything. I had 2 reasons though. One, although there were a lot of good items, some were not that striking and some were a bit expensive which brings me to reason two, I was looking to buy a Portrait.Of.Pirates and those are not cheap. So I ended my animate Ikebukuro trip and headed on to J-World Tokyo which was nearby but more on that later. :D

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

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