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Gundam Cafe & Shop: Odaiba

12:14 PM

Like I mentioned in my Gundam Cafe Akihabara entry, there's also a Gundam Cafe at Odaiba and this one is a bit smaller. It doesn't have a separate cafe and you can only order a limited number of menu items. It also offers almost the same products as the one in Akihabara but some items are exclusive to the Odaiba shop.

Upon entering the cafe, you will immediately find all the Gundam items and you'll probably think: "Where should I look first?"

Of course I went to the middle rack which had the Gundam cups and I immediately noticed the Char cup as it wasn't available at the Akihabara shop.

While contemplating if I should get it or not, I started to look around the shop...

I so wanted to take that Char standee home. Anyway, moving on~

And I saw more cups! Again! But this time, I was more inclined to getting the Unicorn cup...

I would've wanted to take the Haro clock home but it was too expensive for me. >.< And there's also the wall clock. *sigh*

And finally, the most peculiar but gush-worthy Zaku and Gundam Special Visa Cards. I don't know about you but if I could sign up for this one, I would've. Gah!

Anyway, this is the first of many Odaiba posts like what I did with my Harajuku trip posts. There's just so much to do, see and experience in Odaiba that a day wouldn't be enough to cover it.

And you would mostly definitely stay until night time to watch the special show at the life size RX 78-2. But more on that on a separate post~ Hihi. Thanks again for taking dropping by!

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