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A Scorching July Day in Harajuku: Harajuku St. and Omotesando

3:09 PM

After going through Takeshita St., you can see the Harajuku St. sign across the main road (Meiji-dori). After crossing the street, you will immediately feel a different vibe. Don't forget to take your commemorative shots at the street sign! Anyway, if Takeshita St. was a lively street with lots of people, this one's is a bit quiet and it isn't that much crowded.

Again, there isn't much people so my shots at every store were almost clear. Apparently, every store in Japan are having their Summer Sale so if you would also notice, a lot of the shops have 'SALE' signs. Item prices per shop varies.

Not minding the sign, they shop is selling a mix of cute and hip outfits.
This is Putomayo's boutique at Harajuku. They're also present in LaForet Harajuku.
By this point, you will get to a cross road and if you follow the street that's going downhill, it will lead you towards Omotesando but you will pass by a lot of shops, don't worry. I think it was called Harajuku and 4th but upon checking, on some maps it's called Cat Street.

Although the shops will get more expensive as you are nearing Omotesando.

Across Marc by Marc Jacobs is Bookmarc where they are selling stationary items from Marc Jacobs.

Beside these shops you will also see a Ralph Lauren shop building and a few more steps and you'll make it to the main road: Omotesando. If you turn left after reaching the main road, you will then make it to Omotesando Hills.

Omotesando Hills is a mall of expensive brands and it's a really long stretch of a mall. 

Across Omotesando Hills is the Oriental Bazaar where you can buy souvenirs - fans, slippers, shirts, dolls, statues, magnets. Almost everything is there so if Harajuku is your last stop for your tour, you know where to buy souvenirs.

After getting to the Oriental Bazaar, I started walking back towards Takeshita St. and I found another street filled with shops! But since I figured it might get a bit too late if I walked around, I decided not to go through and resumed walking back to Takeshita St. I wasn't able to take a proper photo but Kiddy Land is near this street. Kiddy Land is a building filled with toys and other goodies for kids. Moving on...

It's SALE at Tokyu Plaza! But unfortunately, since I went on July 16, the shops didn't have that much sale items anymore. So I just went around quickly and went down the escalator.

After Tokyu Plaza, I crossed the street and started walking towards LaForet Harajuku. The shot below is probably one of the most memorable shots that I took throughout my whole trip. The blinding light from the sun is just amazing.

Anyway, the next and final post for my Harajuku trip is LaForet Harajuku! I intended to only have 2 posts for my Harajuku trip but when I saw the amount of photos that I took for LaForet, I decided to put it in a separate post. 'Till the next post!

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