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A Scorching July Day at Harajuku: Takeshita St.

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Tokyo's July weather was a bit erratic. On some days, it's raining then cloudy then totally sunny. And the day that I went to Harajuku, it was scorching hot. But on the bright side, since it was a bit hot plus it was a weekday, there weren't that much people in Takeshita St.

Okay, there were a lot of people but it isn't that too crowded for you to have a hard time to go through the street. It's a very long street and to you'll be needing a lot of time - maybe around - to check out every store and go back to previous ones. The view above is the entrance near the JR Yamanote Line Harajuku Station.

And so my tour begins! Most of the photos that I'll be sharing in this post are how each shop looks like outside. WEGO shops are all over Harajuku! Well, they have a lot of branches in Harajuku. They sell trendy clothes and accessories and basics as well.

The shop above is one of many shops selling socks and tights. There are also other shops selling mainly socks. So cool!

This shop mostly sells accessories ranging starting from 500yen.

Ah yes, the biggest Daiso store that I have been in. Daiso is a 100yen shop selling lots of stuff. We also have that here in the Philippines but the biggest difference is the price of the items. There are also specially marked items like 200yen or 300yen but this depends on what the item is (e.g. extension cords, chargers).

Phew! That was the first stretch of shops in Takeshita St. I was nearing the middle of the street when I saw a Family Mart and decided to take a quick break. The shop above was in front of Family Mart.

It was probably the right timing that I took that break because after a few steps, I saw Body Line! They didn't allow taking photos inside the store but just to give you an idea, it was divine! There were a lot of Lolita Dresses and Cosplay Costumes inside and they also offered shoes and wigs. You also can't fit the clothes so you'll have to grab the clothes hanger, go to the nearest body mirror and check if it looks nice on you or not. The shop staff are also very helpful as they bring around measuring tapes and you can ask them to check if the clothes will fit your size or not. They can also help you decide which dress suits you! I actually had to ask for help between two Wa Lolita dresses and the staff help me pick them out. Anyway, moving on!

Ah...LIZ LISA. I had a special experience with LIZ LISA that I'll share on a separate post. Needless to say, everything in the store was so pretty!

Closet Child is a 2nd hand shop for Lolita Clothes, Bags, Shoes and Accessories. When I say 2nd hand, these are not beaten-looking clothes or what, these clothes are in pristine condition and the clothes in this shop are from popular Lolita Brands like Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty. Have a limited edition dress from a Lolita Brand and want to sell it? You can also go here and sell it to them. Although I had a classmate at the Japanese Language School that I went to who told me that they weren't giving her that much for her limited edition Angelic Pretty Dress. She ended up not selling it. >.<

Colored tutu skirts!
Prices are really good in this shop. See that 1000yen sign? Those are really pretty shoes at a good price! 

Clothes for your pets? This shop has it!

These shops are near the end of Takeshita St.! When you see this mini-mall, you'll notice that you're at the end of Takeshita St. and if you walk a little more, you'll get to the main road.

This is the end of my Harajuku Post for Takeshita St!  I didn't want to bombard you with too much photos so I decided to divide my Harajuku post. Next up is Harajuku St. and Omotesando!

This is the only picture of myself at Harajuku. Hehe. Pardon my bare face~  >.<
Too bad I wasn't able to try the crepes! I was so engrossed with trying to go through every shop that I couldn't buy one. Must try it the next time!

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