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A Scorching July Day in Harajuku: LaForet Harajuku

10:00 AM

Finally! This is the 3rd and final post from my Harajuku trip. If you missed the first two about Takeshita St. and Harajuku St.-Omotesando, click here and here.

Anyway, this final post is dedicated to all those who are going to Harajuku and want to dedicate all their money into getting that special Lolita dress. LaForet Harajuku is the place you must definitely visit. But if you're not looking for Lolita dresses, there are also other shops in other floors.

There are also cafes and events being held at LaForet Harajuku but I went straight to B1.5F to check out the shops. First up is the miscellaneous kawaii merchandise shop: SWIMMER.

L-R: Sweets case 250/350 yen, Wallet 500yen(!) and Ecobag 240yen + 8% Tax
Other Kawaii items~ Very good prices!
You might spend a lot of time at SWIMMER checking out the kawaii items and debating which one you should get. Again, they were having a sale so the prices were really crazy! Anyway, Lolita Shops don't allow taking photos of their stuff so I could only take them from afar.

NILE PERCH lane of dresses~ 

The very pink store at the end of the lane is Angelic Pretty. Not included in the photos is ALICE AND THE PIRATES which also carries Baby The Stars Shine Bright in their area. Dresses from these shops are very expensive so again, prepare a LOT of money. Should you need extra cash for anything, you can withdraw from a Seven Bank ATM located 1.5F of LaForet Harajuku.

Phew~ After going through LaForet Harajuku, I started walking back to Takeshita St. through Meiji-dori. You will pass by YM SQUARE HARAJUKU which will be at the other side and H&M and Forever21 Harajuku.

And so, I got back to Takeshita St., shopped for a few items and started walking back to the JR Yamanote Line station.

And this concludes my 3 part post about my scorching day at Harajuku! The view above is pointed towards the intersection in front of Tokyu Plaza and LaForet Harajuku. If you'll notice, the sun is already setting compared to the pictures from my Takeshita St. post.

Thank you so much for tuning in to my posts! I'll be working on new posts about other places that I've visited during my trip. But before you navigate out of my blog, do tell me in the comments below which part of Harajuku you would go to first? And why?

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